Landing Ships
Partial Casualty List
for L.S.T. 327 - August 27, 1944

LST 327 at Plymouth, EnglandCarlson, Bror Douglas -- Illinois

Cawley, John Joseph -- New Bedford, Massachusetts | Previously listed as being from Illinois, see note in guestbook

Dabrosca, Thomas W. -- New Jersey

Fetterhoff, Ernest E. -- Missouri

Gillenwaters, Ernest -- Tennessee

Goodrich, Jack K. -- New York

Gregory, Edward E. -- New Jersey

Grau, Otto  --  ?

Henninger, Harold Hubert, B/M  2/C -- Pennsylvania

Lofton, James  --  ?

Lycan, Richard  --  ?

Mead, Vernon W. -- New York

Nicholson, Warren J. -- Quincy, Massachusetts

Pauloski, Bruno Bernard -- Illinois

Prihar, Mike -- Illinois

Recenello, Thomas -- New Jersey

Solana, Riley Matco -- Florida

Wells, Richard  --  ?

Zebrook, Edward J. -- New Jersey

Zeleniewski, Leonard C. -- Illinois

This casualty list is not complete. If you have any information about others killed in action on the LST327, please contact us.

LST 327 at Plymouth, EnglandLST 327 at Plymouth, England

Photos are of the LST 327, after the mining disaster at Plymouth England shipyards © 2005-2024 Site by Dropbears